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We evaluate trials, discuss trial strategy, question developments, analyze data, and provide written reports that will be helpful in litigation for both civil and criminal cases.


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Eyewitness Consulting & Testimony

Neuschatz legal consulting can explain and apply case-relevant cognitive psychology research to aid in forming the best legal strategy for your case.

Jailhouse Informant Testimony

In his role as an expert on jailhouse informants, Dr. Neuschatz informs the jury about the potential dangers of informant testimony—how easily it is for jurors to fall prey to cognitive error and bias as well as the persuasive qualities of informant testimony, even when that testimony is fabricated.

Behavioral Research

Dr. Neuschatz helps his clients conduct social research. In the past, he has worked alongside lawyers on cases concerning trademarks and copyright infringement by conducting surveys to test if market confusion was an issue.

educating juries on Jailhouse informants since 2014

Jailhouse Informant Testimony

We evaluate trials, consult trial strategies, question developments, data analysis & written reports that will be helpful in litigations for civil and criminal cases. 

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Meet our founder

About Neuschatz Consulting

Jeffrey Neuschatzis the founder and president of Neuschatz Consulting. He has been consulting in eyewitness cases since 2012, including over 230 cases in federal, state, and military cases. Testifying as an expert involves educating the jury on the various factors that affect eyewitness testimony as well as the proper way to conduct an identification procedure. 

 Just a peek inside of Dr. Neuschatz’ curriculum vitae:

  • He has authored two books and ten chapters and
  • Over 40 peer-reviewed publications
  • He has testified in court over 100 times
  • He serves as the current Editor and Chief of Psychology, Crime, and Law
  • He has also served as the faculty chair in psychology department at UAH

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Trial Evaluation

Educating the jury on factors affecting eyewitness testimony & the proper way to conduct an identification.

Eyewitness Testimony & Consulting

Eye witness consulting since 2012 & consulted on over 230 cases in federal, state and military courts.

Legal Consulting

Explain & apply case relevant cognitive psychology research to aid in forming your best legal strategy.

Data Analysis & Question Developments

We help you conduct social research.