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Eyewitness Consulting & Testimony

Neuschatz legal consulting can explain and apply case-relevant cognitive psychology research to aid in forming the best legal strategy for your case.

Jailhouse Informant Testimony

In his role as an expert on jailhouse informants, Dr. Neuschatz informs the jury about the potential dangers of informant testimony—how easily it is for jurors to fall prey to cognitive error and bias as well as the persuasive qualities of informant testimony, even when that testimony is fabricated.

Behavioral Research

Dr. Neuschatz helps his clients conduct social research. In the past, he has worked alongside lawyers on cases concerning trademarks and copyright infringement by conducting surveys to test if market confusion was an issue.

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Articles & books

Published Work

In addition to publishing his work in peer-reviewed psychology journals, Dr. Neuschatz authors books & book chapters on psycholegal concepts.


The Psychology of Eyewitness Identification / Edition 1

by James Michael Lampinen, Jeffrey S. Neuschatz, Andrew D. Cling

This book gives an overview of the state of the science in eyewitness memory research. It starts out talking about memory theory as it applies to eyewitness identification with special attention to common errors that people make.

This is followed by a description of both estimator (factors that affect eyewitness identification that the legal system has no control over, such as lighting, viewing conditions, cross-race identifications, and so on) and system variables (factors that affect eyewitness identification that the legal system can control, such as type of type of instructions given during a lineup, who conducts a lineup, and what is said to the eyewitness during the identification procedure).

Hugo Musnterberg’s Psychlology and Law: A Historical and Contemporary Assessment

by Bornstein, B. H., Neuschatz, J. S.

Hugo Münsterberg is undoubtedly the founder of psychology and law.  This book had two goals: first, we summarized the chapters and conclusions of On the Witness Stand, Münsterberg’s seminal book on psychology and law, making Münsterberg’s insights available to a new generation of scholars and students; and second, to present the “state of the science” on the very issues that Münsterberg raises. Thus, the book provides a historical perspective, as well as a contemporary, comprehensive review of topics that are central to the discipline of psychology and law.

In essence, each chapter asked, “What have we learned about this topic in the 110 years since Münsterberg first wrote about it? Has subsequent research shown him to be right or wrong?” Because the original work was relatively short, these goals can be accomplished in a book of “normal” length and scope by 21st century standards.


Judicial Instructions and Jailhouse Informants

Wetmore, S.A., Neuschatz, J.S., Fessinger, M.B, Bornstein, B.H., & Golding, J.M. (under review)

A Comprehensive Evaluation of Showups

Jeffrey S Neuschatz, Stacy A. Wetmore, Scott D Gronlund, Charles Goodsell


On the Power of Secondary Confession Evidence

Stacy Ann Wetmore, Jeffrey S. Neuschatz & Scott D. Gronlund



Effect of Retention Interval on Showup and Lineup Performance

Stacy A. Wetmore, Jeffrey S. Neuschatz, Scott D. Gronlund, Alex Wooten, Charles A. Goodsell, Curt A. Carlson



The Effects of Accomplice Witnesses and Jailhouse Informants on Jury Decision MakinG

Jeffrey S. Neuschatz, Deah S. Lawson, Jessica K. Swanner, Christian A. Meissner, Joseph S. Neuschatz


Do Pre-admonition Suggestions Moderate the Effect of Unbiased Lineup Instructions?


Deah S. Quinlivan, Jeffrey S. Neuschatz, Brian L. Cutler, Gary L. Wells, Joy McClung and Devin L. Harker


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